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  • 1:22 Thank You Ms. Soggs!

    Thank You Poem by Mrs. Rosenman's Class

    We're here today to thank you

    For your attention and time

    When we had an issue to present

    You listened just fine

    We were concerned about our summers

    Being filled with iPads every day

    So we created a petition

    That we hoped would help us sway

    Your thinking on the issue

    And gathered much support

    320 signatures we collected

    We were happy to report

    You came into our classrooms

    To see us present our case

    We gave our strong reasons

    As we spoke to you face to face

    You listened and you heard us

    For that we felt great

    You announced our wishes would be met

    In a district-wide mandate

    That was more than we could hope for

    But that's not all you did

    You set up a virtual field trip

    With a Technology Center – what a hit!

    Then you brought us gifts

    For summer fun outside

    We thank you for all you've done

    Your kindness just multiplied!

    Uploaded Jun 01, 2018by Please Change

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