Barnard Elementary School

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Heart Month Competition and Activities

"Hi Families!  Monday is our kickoff for the Change My Heart fundraiser supporting the Children's Heart Foundation.  This is a friendly competition where the top two classroom earners will win prizes.  Thank you for any change donations that will help us support our own community members impacted by Congenital Heart Defects.  We hope your children are enjoying the daily calendar of activities that will care for a healthy heart. Each classroom will have a change holder, and we will be collecting change through the end of the day on February 15th."

Here is a schedule of activities for the week of February 11th.  Thank you for allowing students into your classroom on Friday and Tuesday. 

Friday (February 8) – We want to kick off the Change My Heart donative drive on this day.  Students will come around with the change jars and heart stickers for every student.  We will try and keep the disruption to a minimum.

Monday – There will be video announcement made by Izzy to support Change My Heart (This will be coordinated by fifth grade with morning announcements. Thank you, Lori!).

Tuesday (or another day) – Izzy and a few other students will come around to the classrooms with heart stickers for those students who have already donated (we want to choose a day that Izzy will be here). Thank you for your flexibility!

Wednesday – Share this video about how the heart works:

Thursday – All students and staff will receive a ribbon pin to wear on Valentine’s Day. We will put the pins in your in your mailbox on Wednesday by end of the day.

Friday – Let’s end the week with a fun song to dance to.  You can play Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.  Feel free to play the song any time. Please say thank you to the students on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Stothers.

Upper El Can’t Stop the Feeling:

Lower El Can’t Stop the Feeling:

We wish everyone luck in this friendly competition! Have fun getting your heart pumping!