Barnard Elementary School

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Congratulations Chess Champions!

Barnard students participated in the Michigan Elementary/Primary team chess championship on February 4, 2017 at Baker College.  Three teams consisting of 4 students in each team represented Barnard.  Fourteen school teams participated in K5 category from all over the state.  Ten teams participated in total in K3 category.

 Barnard students came 4th place in K5 championship and 7th place in K3 championship.

Nikhil Srinivasan won all 5 games and won gold medal in K5 category!

Akhil Mishra won all 5 games and won gold medal!

Shivank Jayadeva won 3.5 games and won bronze medal in K3 category!   


K5 Championship:

Board 1: Tanush Nanaware

Board 2: Vishnav Ramesh

Board 3: Nikhil Srinivasan

Board 4: Nurayda Albeez


K3 Championship:

Board 1: Shivank Jayadeva

Board 2: Akhil Mishra

Board 3: Smayan Sharma

Board 4: Saaya Shrikant


 K3 Reserve:

Board 1: Vyshnavi Narayan

Board 2: Chetana Gopu

Board 3: Jhana-eugenia Georgieva Todorova

Board 4: Anya Sundaresan

 **Special mention for our K3 reserve team consisting of all girls. This is a first major tournament for all these girls but they played all 5 rounds valiantly.