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Barnard Elementary  |  Mission, Motto & Vision

Barnard Elementary Core Values Blue Jay Logo


Mission Statement

The Mission of Barnard Elementary School is to ensure learning for all members of the school community.

School Motto

Each person, each day, learning and caring in every way.

Our Vision

Barnard Elementary will become a collaborative community of learners who will strive to reach the highest learning expectations while supporting deep thinking in a nurturing environment.


Our exemplary learning community will…

  • Foster a collaborative culture where:
    • A community of trust, mutual support and empathy will thrive
    • An appreciation of diversity is promoted
    • Instructional collaboration will enhance all decision-making
  • Create a Culture of Thinking where:
    • Deep learning is evident by all
    • Learners are engaged in a rigorous curriculum
    • Ambitious outcomes are promoted and reached
  • Sustain focus on excellence where:
    • All learners will engage in self-reflection to enhance achievement
    • Meaningful goals are established
    • Diverse learners will achieve at the highest levels