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Barnard Elementary  |  Behavior Expectations

The School Year Nest Lessons:

Respect, Responsibility and Positive Relationships

These pillars of character are the foundation to Barnard’s community. Character Education and Student Council committees have joined forces to bring student-led lessons  to staff and students. The teaching and reinforcing of these messages serve to enhance classroom and school culture, with an eye toward pushing these seemingly simple, all-important words and actions into the community.

Blue Jay Way “nests” allow students from all grade levels to interact and grow together for the student’s duration at Barnard. Our Blue Jay Way Nests help to develop stronger peer-to-peer relationships within Barnard. 

This year, Student Council students continue to take the lead in creating lessons to cultivate the Blue Jay Way. Each lesson is taught with intention and purpose to create a uniform and caring  school culture. Student Council representatives from grades three through five meet to create videos instructing their peers for the upcoming nest lesson. The videos are played and lead to discussion revolving around our 3 R’S.