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Sheepshank Sam Visits Barnard

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Listen to Sheepshank as he reminisces about life in a Michigan logging camp in the 1800’s. Students will be spellbound as old Sheepshank spins his yarns and tall tales about logging for ‘green gold’. Sheepshank has many examples of the tools used by old time lumberjacks: adzes, swamp hooks, and several types of axes and cross-cut saws. Students will be asked to dress up in lumberjack clothing and help Sheepshank introduce the shanty boys and girls. Meet the many workers in old time logging camps: iron burners, wood butchers, cookees, bull cooks, barn bosses, and more. Learn how the choppers, sawyers, and swampers cut down the giant pine trees and sawed them into logs. Listen to Sheepshank as he tells you how the Great Lakes were 'really' formed.

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